It should be a small insignificant place, but it isn't, is it?

A small country.  Huge heart! A place that beguiles.

A place that triggers huge emotion in people, possibly of times when we ALL fought for Freedom with honour.

Scotland inspires.  One blast of the pipes and drums drives people to greater things. Scotland gives us huge hope that there is still something glorious to fight for.

Even non-romantics could agree that Scotland is special from many viewpoints.

First of all, have you any idea how many inventions have come out of Scotland? For a tiny country with only 5 million people, the number of things we have given to the world is astounding.

Also, have you any idea how many Scots went all over the world and made huge contributions? Wherever they went. In the field of education, economics, law, engineering, art and many more.

Not as a flash in the pan.  But consistently over the centuries, and still today.  Scotland produces an absolute abundance of thinking men, who are willing to put their ideas into practise as long as it benefits people.

Sons and daughters of Scotland have always had a huge purpose to help across the globe.  That's still the same.

Why Scotland ? 

We give exchange in abundance, that's why.

Any investment in Scotland will be repaid many times over, in one way or another.

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